World’s first and only autonomous wheel showcased in Intralogistica Italia

The world’s first autonomous wheel will be showcased by the Norwegian robotics company wheel.meTM during this year’s Intralogistica Italia exhibition. The company that has created the Genius autonomous wheel was named as one of the best inventions of the year by Times Magazine last year and intends to revolutionize robotics by helping companies to transform immovable objects into autonomous robots.

Founded in 2014, wheel.meTM has taken one of the oldest inventions – the wheel – and transformed it into a one-of-a-kind autonomous wheel that takes advantage of the newest technologies both in terms of software and hardware. Taking robotics to a next level, wheel.meTM represents a whole new way of thinking about indoor mobility and aims to make robotics accessible across different industries. 

Functioning as a robotics-as-a-service company, wheel.meTM works with companies across different sectors with success stories from logistics, manufacturing, automotive and healthcare. While all these sectors rely on moving heavy objects and use a lot of manual labor for moving around trolleys, pallets, carts, hospital beds and other objects, wheel.meTM offers them a simple hassle-free solution by automating manual processes and offering a flexible and maintenance-free alternative to regular AGVs and AMRs. 


With the company ready to launch full production and implement its first big commercial installations in the coming months, Intralogistica will be one of the very few opportunities in Europe to see the Genius wheels in action and meet the people behind the company. 


Join wheel.meTM and their autonomous wheel demo in booth number 34 (Hall 6, gangway B, Stand 34). 

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