GENI-Ant sorter

The GENI-Ant™ sorter is the most innovative distributed sorting system based on AMR technology

The GENI-Ant™ sorter is Fives' innovative sorting solution based on robotic technology, developed to meet the needs of all companies facing increasing complexity in logistics. 

Despite an extremely small footprint, it is capable of sorting significant flows of a wide variety of items, even the most difficult ones to handle, while ensuring high scalability and flexibility at a competitive price.

The robots move fully autonomously, in a dynamic environment.

The GENI-Ant sorter simplifies and significantly reduces the implementation phase and the entire system can be moved from one warehouse to another easily and quickly.

Our GENI-Ant sorter guarantees a more competitive Total Cost of Ownership than other similar solutions, thanks to:

  • A 40 % reduction in labor costs for loading parcels.
  • A 30% reduction  in maintenance costs
  • A 25% reduction  in operating costs
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