The ultra-high-density automated cubic storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

AutoStore is an ultra-high-density automated cubic storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) equipped with bins (Bin to person). The system consists of 5 main components: 

  • Grid
  • Robots
  • Bins
  • Control software
  • Ports / Stations

Thanks to the robots which are capable to move along the grid absolute safely, choosing always the best paths defined by the control software, AutoStore ensures 24/7 order fulfillment based on a high density cubic configuration that enables you to quadruple your storage capacity and reduce by up to 75% your storage footprint compared to a traditional system.

The aluminum grid can be adapted to any building shape, whether it is rectangular, triangular or irregular. Any shape is possible! AutoStore is a completely modular and scalable system that complies easily with the needs of your business model. It can be quickly dismantled in case a relocation is needed.

The productivity can be increased during system operation by simply adding bins, ports or robots (zero down time), obtaining a greater storage capacity and higher number of managed references.

Robots are completely independent one from the other. If a robot breaks down… other robots take over its task, keeping the warehouse performance unchanged.

Products are 24h available and always safe! Each bin can store up to 30kg with a multi-reference management. The system is fully compatible with the WMS / ERP of your warehouse.

In the large retailers application, AutoStore can manage references at different temperatures.

In terms of energy consumption, AutoStore guarantees optimal operation at very low rates: 30 robots consume approximately 500W per hour

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